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Alaska reveals SpaceX structure details

February 8, 2022

The US State of Alaska’s Department of Commerce has released its background data on SpaceX’s financial structure for 2022 (as at December 31st 2021).

The documents show some surprises. Elon Musk’s percentage of shares owned, at 43.08 per cent is no great surprise although his stake has shrunk from 47.11 per cent during 2021. Google LLC owns 6.99 per cent of the rockets-to-satellite business, and this has also fallen back from a previous 7.64 per cent. The third-largest investor named in the document is San Francisco-based investment house and venture capital company ‘FoundersFund’ with 5.76 per cent (down from 7.77 per cent).

These percentage reductions year-on-year might be considered as somewhat dramatic (of 8.6 per cent for Musk, Google 8.5 per cent and 25.9 per cent for FoundersFund) and show that these three major investors – including Musk – are apparently happy to see their stake-holdings shrink.

Also interesting from the Alaska report is the number of subsidiary businesses SpaceX has formed over the past year. It is an impressive list and includes 25 new local companies.

Missing from the Alaska list is Scottish-based investment fund Fidelity Investments which was widely reported to have been in discussions to place $1 billion into SpaceX. Another

Scottish fund, Baillie Gifford, told its clients in February 2021 that they held around $450 million in SpaceX (via Baillie’s US Growth Trust).

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