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Guy leads BT Digital

February 8, 2022

BT has announced the appointment of Tom Guy to its BT Digital leadership team. Previously the Chief Product Officer for Vodafone Smart Tech, Guy joins as MD Incubation.

As a founding member of one of European Smart Home providers Hive, and more recently one of the creators of Vodafone SmartTech, Guy is joining BT Digital with four of his founding team; Jess Kyte, John Gutch, Zoe Dyer and Michael O’Connell.

Guy and his team will form an integral part of BT’s incubation unit. They’ll focus on creating and incubating start-ups to see tech innovation and explore categories and ideas.

Guy commented: “I’m a product designer at heart and I love creating things. Whether that’s hardware, digital experiences or services, the end goal is the same: to create solutions that solve customer problems and create magical moments in their lives.”

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