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Whip Media France Survey: 76% say Netflix is the one service to keep

February 9, 2022

Whip Media, a leading data provider to the world’s largest entertainment companies, surveyed nearly 3,000 consumers in France to understand consumer sentiment surrounding paid streaming in the market. The key findings include:

  • French survey respondents subscribe to an average of 2.7 paid subscription services.

  • Netflix remains the indispensable SVoD to a majority of French respondents by a large margin (88 per cent) with 76 per cent of people surveyed saying they would hold onto Netflix if they could keep only one streaming subscription.

French viewers are highly satisfied with streaming platforms that offer locally produced content. Netflix leads the pack with 42 French productions that were available on the major international platforms as originals during Q4 2021.

Local platforms (Arte and Canal+ VOD) occupy two of the top four platforms in overall service satisfaction in France. 

  • 56 per cent of French respondents feel that there are too many subscription services, with cost being the significant factor in why respondents think there are too many services.

  • Also, 30 per cent canceled at least one service this past year, and we know that at least for some, this was motivated by cost.

  • The majority (58 per cent) of French consumers prefer to pay for an ad-free service.

  • Library content is considered to be of greater importance to European consumers than original content. France was the only country that bucked this trend, as French viewers assigned much lower importance to library content than those in other countries.

The full survey can be viewed here.

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