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Sandvine enhances 5G portfolio

February 10, 2022

Network intelligence specialist Sandvine is launching a series of new 5G Application and Network Intelligence portfolio enhancements that it says give its 20+ 5G customers deeper insights into application Quality of Experience (QoE), and the impact of 4G to 5G transitions on networks, users, bandwidth usage, devices, and QoE.

The enhancements include:

  • Cloud native support for Sandvine’s advanced 5G Service Intelligence Engine, a leading 3GPP-compliant Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) designed for automation and zero-touch, closed-loop service and slice assurance in 5G networks. The NWDAF will help CSPs proactively manage their core and edge networks through network function (NF) and slice load analysis use cases;
  • Updates to Sandvine’s analytics, including Deep Insights and Insights Data Storage, designed to help CSPs deliver application QoE and security controls to subscribers through pre-packaged object models that track statistics about user behaviour, devices, services and application performance;
  • Enriched software use case modules:
    • Intent-based congestion management, evolved for higher-scale deployments and actively deployed in Fixed Wireless Access networks;
    • Real-time subscriber insights, upgraded to give operations teams and customer care agents greater visibility into app performance and behaviour to better meet 5G throughput, latency, and customer experience requirements;
    • Cyberthreat analysis and management to prevent cyberattacks; and
    • 5G slice load analysis and NF load analysis for real-time operational intelligence.
  • A 5G Standalone (SA)-ready, cloud-native control plane platform, Maestro Policy Engine, which now provides contextual awareness about subscribers, as well as 4G to 5G inter-core handover metrics that ensure flawless coverage across access types, devices, locations, and users; and
  • Public cloud integrations with Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and other major cloud providers.

“We are excited that more than 20 service providers are now benefiting from Sandvine’s 5G portfolio across standalone, non-standalone, fixed wireless access, and private networks,” declared Lyndon Cantor, CEO, Sandvine. “To successfully improve application quality of experience and generate new revenues while migrating to 5G, our customers need high quality, real-time data. With visibility across 5G adoption, user experiences, cyberthreats, devices, and applications, they gain operational intelligence in the form of sophisticated and predictive insights. This requires programmable networks with automated functions that respond to network conditions and customer experiences in real time. Our continued 5G portfolio innovations are ensuring that our customers can meet these requirements for emerging 5G services.”

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