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Sensethefuture Customer Closeness solution

February 15, 2022

Sensethefuture combined leading video feedback platform with a supportive framework and system enables customers to discover actionable insights and build consumer connections at scale. The outsourced model and processes for gaining customer insight are common and today’s leading customer centric organisations are shifting to a new model of having more of their product, CX, UX, marketing and insights teams directly connect with target audiences. The new model requires new tools and frameworks to be successful.

Sensethefuture Focus Group Technology Enabled Research empowers organisations to be more customer centric. Maximising engagement to ensure participants can engage and share feedback easily across a variety of channels with marketers is a key part of empowering marketers to connect with consumers directly.  Through structured conversations marketers quickly develop a deeper understanding of consumers’ opinions, needs, and preferences. Organised takeaways are woven in to ensure consistency across all interviews during focus groups and consent forms are embedded in the same workflow you use for respondent selection. This initiative has a powerful multiplier effect.

Brands use the Sensethefuture Focus Group Technology environment to have frequent and direct conversations with consumers around the world, leading to deepened empathy and understanding, better products, and more effective marketing. We provide an easy tool through the dedicated online environment and offer a way to get inspired by real consumer feedback. When a marketer has a question, they can validate it with a consumer in a couple of days. This approach reduces the gap between the marketer and the consumer and brings the Sensethefuture Customer Closeness solution to life.

Sensethefuture Pictures, headquartered in London is a television and communications business. We bring together our television and communications offering under a true storytelling base and have won awards for our work including the Media Innovators Award in 2019. Our staff exhibits a wide variety of perspectives and experiences which enable us to foster and strengthen an environment of diversity and inclusion. Sensethefuture Pictures was founded by Teresa Potocka and follows an operating model which is a combination of the three-pillars of content creation – high production value content, strategic communications, and focus group technology enabled research.

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