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Data: Crypto beats Amazon in Super Bowl coverage

February 17, 2022

Brands once again poured huge amounts if money into the Super Bowl in search of high-profile boost both during and after the event.

According to data from Signal AI — which evaluates more than 5 million news sources daily – the fledgling cryptocurrency industry claimed the top spot in post Super Bowl coverage across top-tier media with Coinbase securing the most top-tier Super Bowl related coverage the day after the game. Meanwhile, Amazon comes in a distant second.

Coinbase was not the only crypto brand to find ‘Day-Two’ success with FTX and also finishing in the top 5 in top-ter media placements following the event on February 14th.

  1. Coinbase (114)
  2. com (82)
  3. FTX (74)
  4. com (50)
  5. Toyota (46)
  6. Rocket Mortgage (43)
  7. Kia (43)
  8. Verizon (41)
  9. T-Mobile (38)
  10. Doritos / Cheetos (37)

“When it comes to spending on the Super Bowl, advertisers are not just attempting to win during the event, but have an impact that delivers sustained media visibility,” said David Benigson, CEO and co-founder of Signal AI. “And thanks to both mainstream buzz as well as some highly memorable slots – like Coinbase’s QR code ad – the cryptocurrency industry clearly won the overall media battle. Coinbase, in particular, had a particularly successful showing topping one of the most sophisticated and dominant brands,”

Several companies however received little boost from their big money Super Bowl campaigns however, with Signal AI’s data finding Planet Fitness to have received the smallest boost in Day-Two coverage.

  1. Planet Fitness (2)
  2. QuickBooks (3)
  3. WeatherTech (4)
  4. Carvana (5)
  5. Rakuten (6)
  6. Wallbox (6)
  7. Turkish Airlines (7)
  8. Hologic (7)
  9. Hellmann’s (7)
  10. Taco Bell (8)

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