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Survey: 64% Americans favour TV news

February 21, 2022

Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) of Americans prefer consuming news on TV, ahead of newspapers, digital, and social platforms.

In a recent survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Samsung Electronics America, respondents confirmed that TV viewing across the US remains overwhelmingly strong, with local news leading the pack with 62 per cent, followed by national/political (55 per cent) and international news programming (24 per cent).

Consumers primarily rely on national TV news for political/global affairs (45 per cent) and major crime stories/trends (37 per cent). However, even in our app-connected lives, over 7 in 10 (77 per cent) respondents said that local TV weather remains the most trusted source of updates.

Local Leads the Way

The survey also found that politics, crime, and the weather are not the only things viewers tune into TV news for, with popular on-air personalities remaining a big draw for audiences across the US.

In fact, local news anchors (43 per cent) and local weather reporters (37 per cent) are the most enjoyed on-air personalities across all categories. National news hosts (35 per cent) rounded out the top three TV news personalities, followed by political news hosts (24 per cent).

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