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Netcracker launches Netcracker Digital Platform

February 22, 2022

Netcracker Technology has announced the launch of Netcracker Digital Platform to help CSPs accelerate new business growth in the digital economy. CSPs are making significant transformation investments to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The challenge now is to leverage these investments to create new growth opportunities while driving significant cost efficiency and agility across the business. This will help telcos achieve the next phase of their evolution, which takes them beyond connectivity to becoming technology providers to the industry.

With Netcracker Digital Platform, CSPs can increase business agility to adapt faster to market needs, stimulate innovation to add value on top of the network and maximize profitability from 5G, cloud and edge technologies. The solution supports innovative monetization models and immersive digital experiences and simultaneously accelerates business efficiency through intelligent automation, IT consolidation and extensive CSP digitalization.

With the emergence of 5G core, MEC applications and network slicing, CSPs have an opportunity to monetize the network in new ways and form deeper engagements in the B2B/vertical market. Netcracker Digital Platform provides granular levels of real-time charging for any service, partner or business model with support for in-slice and cross-slice charging. Ecosystem-driven business models help CSPs create profitable value chains and become B2B2X enablers. The platform supports new immersive digital experiences through gamified loyalty programs and personalized recommendations that will place CSPs at the center of the consumer digital lifestyle.

With Netcracker Digital Platform, CSPs can reduce IT spend through BSS/OSS consolidation, operational efficiency and SaaS delivery models on any telco or hyperscaler platform. In addition to leading-edge product innovations, Netcracker Digital Platform includes advanced transformation services to help CSPs become more self-sufficient with the skills to execute Agile, DevOps and multicloud programs and co-develop and drive their own innovations with the highest levels of security.

“Now that CSPs have started their digital transformation journeys, they are looking to modernize, digitize and adopt cloud technologies and processes including AI/ML, big data analytics, DevOps and Agile practices,” said Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink. “Netcracker Digital Platform gives telcos the robust foundation to monetize 5G but also gives them the ability to develop innovations in house and bring their business to new levels of growth and success.”

“With Netcracker Digital Platform, we are delivering to the market what our customers are asking for, which is a way to leverage their significant technology investments and reap the benefits of 5G and the cloud,” said Bob Titus, CTO of Netcracker. “Our solution gives them the tools and services, along with support for rich ecosystems and strong security, for them to grow their businesses while becoming more self-sufficient and fulfilling their goals of evolving from just being telecom players to becoming trusted technology partners as well.”

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