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Ofcom ‘ordered’ to review RT

February 23, 2022

The UK culture secretary has firmly advised Ofcom to take “timely and transparent” action against Russia’s state broadcaster in the UK amid concerns it is spreading disinformation.

Nadine Dorries has told the regulator Ofcom she is concerned that RT will “look to spread harmful disinformation” in the UK. She says that the Russian government is conducting an “aggressive” disinformation campaign in a “shameful” attempt to justify its actions.

Ofcom has the power to fine RT or even revoke its licence to broadcast in the UK.  Dorries says that RT is “demonstrably part of Russia’s global disinformation campaign”. She highlights the fact that its editor-in-chief has previously referred to RT as an “information weapon” that can be deployed against the western world.

Dorries says it is “essential” that the UK looks to limit Russia’s ability to spread propaganda in the UK. She says that while she respects Ofcom’s independence it is essential that it keeps RT under review.

“I welcome Ofcom’s statements to the press that it recognises the seriousness of the Ukraine crisis, that it will not hesitate to step in, and that examining complaints about any broadcasters’ news coverage is a priority,” commented Dorries.

Several MPs have warned that banning RT would see Russia respond by banning the BBC in Russia.


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