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Report: Satellite industry set for “unprecedented transformation”

February 24, 2022

By Chris Forrester

A report from analysts at Paris-based Euroconsult and ST Engineering iDirect says that the satellite industry is set for unprecedented transformation, with the impact of cloud-based systems, the introduction of next-generation NGSO broadband constellations, and convergence towards a unified 5G network architecture. However, ground segments will also have to play a pivotal role to allow the industry to fully embrace and benefit from these changes.

While satellites have embarked on a journey that will allow them to blend in seamlessly with every other type of access technology, creating full interoperability within end-to-end converged networks like 5G, this new era of connectivity can only be realised through innovation on the ground. This spirit of revolution will see the satellite industry embracing key technology enablers that are already well-known in the telco world and adopting them to reduce operational complexity and to unite the next generation of cellular networks with next generation satellite networks, reports Euroconsult.

“The ground segment’s role is key to creating a pathway to a fully digitised and virtualised network, one that dynamically matches satellite resources with real-time customer demand and is in perfect sync with 5G architectures. We launched the ‘New Ground’ innovation campaign as an industry manifesto that highlights the critical nature of ground infrastructure in the future of this new connectivity landscape,” commented Frederik Simoens, CTO, ST Engineering iDirect. “Without New Ground, we cannot benefit from New Space.”

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