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China Mobile Tianjin, Huawei to build Premium OTN

February 28, 2022

Tianjin, as the economic center of the Bohai Sea region and largest port city in North China, vigorously develops emerging industries in the past decade, including Internet, big data, and intelligence, and has become one of the leaders in digital economy nationwide. This derives from Tianjin’s investment in high-speed, secure, and reliable data transmission channels for smart city development and digital economy convergence, as well as its construction of high-performance networks with the data value maximized.

In the digital age, 5G application and enterprise cloudification trigger an explosion in data transmission bandwidth demands and require high performance of private line transmission. To meet enterprises’ data transmission requirements, China Mobile Tianjin cooperates with Huawei and launches DoubleS-OTN — the optical private network with “DoubleS” experience (speedy and smart) — which provides intelligent and reliable private line services for the customer.

Yang Liya, deputy general manager of China Mobile Tianjin Customer Response Center spoke highly of premium private lines: “We use an all-optical autonomous driving network solution with Huawei iMaster NCE as the core to bring intelligence and automation into optical networks and provide premium optical private lines with DoubleS experience. This serves hundreds of industries and benefits thousands of households”.

DoubleS private lines have the following main capabilities that facilitate innovations of China Mobile Tianjin’s private line services.

1. An intelligent path computation system calculates the path with the lowest delay for the customer.

According to market researches of China Mobile Tianjin, enterprise customers require lower and lower delay of private lines. The path computation system used before cannot always meet the customer’s needs, which affects the customer satisfaction. To resolve this problem, China Mobile Tianjin introduces Huawei iMaster NCE into its solution. This intelligent system is equipped with the optical private lines path computation technology, which can efficiently adapt to the customer’s various service scenarios, automatically identify the fault scenario, and calculate paths with the lowest delay, improving the network planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization capabilities. It ranks paths using the RankNet algorithm, intelligently recommends paths that best fit a specific service scenario to meet various customer needs, and automatically bypasses risky nodes through “role identification” to ensure service security, enabling speedy, smart, and secure optical private lines.

2. Performance of premium private lines is visualized, enabling deterministic experience of the customer.

Enterprise customers have various requirements on the performance of private lines, including availability, peak bandwidth usage, and delay. For example, a financial or trading enterprise demands a delay no more than 2 ms while a corporate group requires the availability to reach 99.999%. China Mobile Tianjin uses Huawei iMaster NCE to manage network devices. It provides a performance dashboard for the customer to view details about top 5 private lines. It enables peak bandwidth usage, jitter, and delay data to be checked via a mobile phone, implementing 24-hour E2E monitoring. If any performance fault occurs, the system automatically detects abnormal signals, identifies and filters alarms based on intelligent algorithms, and analyzes 10 types of common faults within seconds and diagnoses them within minutes. With accurate abnormal signal detection and alarm thresholds which can be set, O&M personnel are automatically notified of the alarm information, which allows private lines’ quality to be viewed, managed, and guaranteed.

3. Smart O&M realizes premium private line networks with high quality and efficiency.

An intelligent network aims to provide assurance for services on the network. Therefore, O&M of the network always faces challenges such as multi-domain and multi-vendor scenarios. China Mobile Tianjin cooperates with Huawei and launches intelligent network O&M services, which provide the proactive O&M capability that enables E2E automatic service fault diagnosis, support multi-domain, multi-vendor, and multi-role applications, and integrate fault detection, reporting, and rectification into one process. These services not only reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency at the same time, but reduce the number of faults reported through proactive intervention as well, which greatly improves the customer satisfaction.

In the future, China Mobile Tianjin will follow the “New Infrastructure Construction” trend, accelerate full optical and 5G network coverage in both urban and rural areas, construct infrastructures for interconnectivity, and build a sold foundation for Tianjin’s digital economy development. China Mobile Tianjin will continuously cooperate with Huawei to launch L3 autonomous driving network connectivity solutions, construct all-optical networks as the base and seamless optical connections for Tianjin’s digital development, build a positive business cycle, and enable the digital and intelligent transformation of the company.

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