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Disney collaborates for ad measurement

March 2, 2022

Disney Advertising is building expanded solutions with longstanding collaborators Samba TV, ComScore and Nielsen through trials with agency powerhouses Omnicom Media Group and Publicis Media.

“There is a big difference between currency and measurement and as the industry continues to evolve – the only constant is change,” said Lisa Valentino, EVP, Client Solutions & Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising. “Disney is not in the business of scoring players. It is our responsibility to deliver the best measurement capabilities for our clients that give them visibility into effectiveness and outcomes across our vast portfolio of premium content. We are continuing to do the work to innovate on behalf of our clients based on their unique category needs; that’s our commitment.”

Working with nearly 100 providers supporting transparency and accuracy, Disney Advertising is doubling down on cross-platform measurement innovation with industry-leading tech providers to create a more client-specific view of consumption to inform future campaign planning.

Disney Advertising and Samba TV are expanding their multi-year relationship to bring Samba’s True Reach and Frequency (TRF) currency measurement to agencies and holding companies accessing Disney inventory. With major shifts in viewership occurring in the television landscape, this capability empowers advertisers across all categories to transact against true reach and impact across all Disney platforms, while enabling real-time omni-screen optimization. Disney Advertising worked with Hyundai and Samba TV to measure de-duplicated reach and frequency across the entire Disney ecosystem. TRF by Samba TV enabled Hyundai to understand which audiences they were actually reaching and provided actionable insights into how to deliver incremental audience reach. Publicis Media will also join in utilizing this solution this spring.

“Measurement has evolved to the point where true aggregation and de-duplication across Linear TV, CTV and Digital has become possible at the media channel, publishing partner and screen level,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV. “Disney has been a consistent early media pioneer and they are again leading the industry providing advertisers with the most comprehensive set of insights and capabilities to assess holistically how their advertising is performing in real time and to optimize on those insights. Samba TV is proud of our longstanding partnership with Disney and we are thrilled to enable transaction and measurement across all Disney platforms with the kind of depth, breadth and actionability that just wasn’t available with prior methodologies and providers.”

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