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Ukraina24 in English available globally on Redge Media VDP

March 7, 2022

Ukraina24 – the news channel of independent Ukraine in war – with English voice-over is available for operators globally on Redge Media Video Delivery Platform. The move follows the initiative of TV3 Group Baltics and overcomes the geographical limits of the original distribution.

The live feed of Ukraina24 with English translation has been enabled technically on Redge Media Origin for further redistribution by OTT video operators with their CDNs in any geography of the world. This technical solution addresses the operators who are beyond the illumination of Astra4A, namely beyond the Nordics and the Northern CEE, where the content is originally available. Also it solves the problem of headends not supporting the 4,8E satellite position.

Ukraina24 in English is the original contribution of TV3 Group, the leading media group in the Baltics. TV3 adds in real time the voice-overs in English and Russian to the original feed of the news channel in Ukrainian. TV3 invited any operators in the world to pick up the feed to foster the information about the Russian invasion in Ukraine. For the sake of free media and democracy. Redge Technologies – the provider of the Redge Media platform – has followed this call and has enabled technical distribution of this content for the globe.

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