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VIAVI unveils FiberComplete PRO

March 8, 2022

Viavi Solutions has launched FiberComplete PRO, a fibre test solution with a suite of capabilities which replaces six test instruments. It is the first single test port solution that fully automates all the fibre qualification tests required for the construction and certification of any type of fibre optic network.

FiberComplete PRO significantly reduces time and effort required for almost every aspect of the test and certification process including test setup and data exchange, results analysis and on-board report generation. With one push of a button, it sequences all the required tests for single or multiple fibres. Consolidated reports from the tests are saved as a PDF and are sent to the cloud via the VIAVI StrataSync suite. The streamlined workflow, test sequencing and on-board reporting are expected to deliver up to an 80% time saving for fibre acceptance testing.

Through a single test port, this solution combines six test instruments: light source, power metre, optic loss test set, ORL meter, fault finder and OTDR creating a highly cost-effective solution. Tests range from basic uni- or bi-directional insertion loss (IL) and optical return loss (ORL) through to advanced real-time bi-directional OTDR analysis (TrueBIDIR), allowing corrective actions to be taken while a tech is still on site to certify fibre links are built to the required specification and networks turn up first time around.

As fibre rollouts progress around the world, service providers have been challenged with finding trained staff with the experience to support the qualification of fiber networks. This has led to operational inefficiencies, rollout delays and increased costs. It has also led to less accurate certification methodologies as service providers have had to compromise to certify networks in time.

For example, although bi-directional OTDR tests are widely recognised for delivering more accurate, real-world results, service providers have typically opted for simpler but less accurate uni-directional OTDR tests. This has been based on the previous complexity of running bi-directional OTDR tests, which required specialised and experienced field technicians, as well as multiple tools. FiberComplete PRO was designed to be the simplest and fastest fibre certification system, allowing technicians and contractors of any experience level to be immediately productive and successful.

“Without proper certification, service providers are building additional expense into their network which will take the shape of future troubleshooting and maintenance costs,” said Kevin Oliver, Vice President and General Manager, Converged Instruments and Virtual Test. “It is much more effective and cost-effective to deal with potential issues before they negatively impact revenues and the customer experience. With FiberComplete PRO, service providers and their technicians are gaining an all-in-one tool that will dramatically improve both the speed and reliability of network certification.”

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