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Telenor chooses DataMiner EPM

March 10, 2022

Skyline Communications, a global provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry, has announced that Telenor has chosen Skyline’s DataMiner platform as the experience and performance management solution for its renewed converged television and video streaming services platform (DVB-C/FTTx/5G FWA/unmanaged OTT, DVB-C/IPTV/ABR).

The continuous expansion of Telenor’s TV platform has seen them offering more services over an increasing variety of access networks and even more diverse endpoints. To support this ever-increasing complexity, they concluded that Skyline’s DataMiner Experience and Performance Management (EPM) Solution was the best choice. DataMiner EPM is the only video quality-of-service (QoS) management solution delivering the coverage, reach and profound OSS integration they were looking for.

This solution collects, aggregates, and correlates data from literally all components in the media acquisition, processing, distribution, and consumption ecosystem. This means receivers, processors, content management system (CMS), SI/EPG/DRM servers, content delivery system (CDN), the overarching session management system, as well as probes in the different headends, in the CDN, and embedded in the full range of set-top boxes. This data, enriched with subscriber network and topology association information, is gathered in a unified data lake and aggregated in three dimensions: type of service, type of infrastructure, and type of service endpoint.

This enables the DataMiner EPM solution to become Telenor’s sole reference for all information related to the video quality of service (QoS) experienced by subscribers. These subscribers now enjoy services provided using both fixed (HFC, FTTH) and wireless (5G FWA) technologies, which are consumed across an ever-growing range of managed and unmanaged endpoints, with a clear surge in the share of OTT/ABR-based viewing. Moreover, DataMiner’s powerful status correlation has been combined with the DataMiner Planned Maintenance Application, so that not only do operators get truly actionable insights, but scheduled activities can be masked, ensuring that the operators’ focus is exactly where it is needed.

“The most important thing for us is that we have now established a new experience management system with a complete status for all TV services, devices, and TV-related infrastructure. The service layer in DataMiner produces an overall status per TV channel covering DVB-C, IPTV, as well as OTT Live, Start-over and Catch-up. This gives us an enhanced overview that includes client usage, quality, error codes, analyzer status, etc. From this service layer, we now only send one correlated service incident per TV channel to NOC, even if there are hundreds of alarms in the system,” said Tommy Hexeberg, System Manager Dataminer and Content Services at Telenor TV & Streaming.

“We are excited to support Telenor’s digital transformation, using big data and AI/ML to increase the quality of experience for the subscriber, while also significantly reducing the associated workload. That’s an absolute necessity to safeguard their track record of relentless service innovation,” said Dominique De Paepe, Market Director at Skyline.

“Skyline is easy to cooperate with, because they understand our business and have a lot of experience building similar solutions for their customers. In most of the cases, we can keep the specifications on a high level and still be sure that the result will be as expected, or most of the time even better! We are truly impressed and very satisfied with the result of this project,” Hexeberg concluded.

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