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Data: HBO Max, Discovery+ attract similar audiences

March 16, 2022

Following news that the HBO Max and Discovery+ apps will combine following the WarnerMedia/Discovery merger, Helixa looked at what crossover audiences these audiences have.

In short, they both have a high affinity for the other despite some age differences. In fact, 31.35 per cent of Discovery+’s audience are also fans of HBO Max.

Helixa, an AI company that looks at the connections that people make through their public social personas for insights development and audience segmentation.

Further data from Helixa reveals:

HBO Max Audience

  • 50.61 per cent Female
  • More likely to be under the age of 45 than Discovery+’s audience
  • 1.66x more likely to be Nerds
  • 1.40x more likely to be Entertainment Junkies
  • 5.07x more likely to be fans of Discovery+

Discovery+ Audience

  • 68.25 per cent Female
  • More likely to be over the age of 45 than HBO Max’s audience
  • 2.18x more likely to be Money Savers
  • 1.57x more likely to be Health Conscious
  • 5.30x more likely to be fans of HBO Max

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