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FAST Channels TV partners with 17 OTT platforms

March 21, 2022

FAST Channels TV has announced that their newly launched platform allowing partners to leverage their 170+ channel package for free, ad-supported channels has secured distribution in over 17 platforms. The linear-style channels and various content partners will continue to work with FAST Channels TV to help support the playout, scheduler and distribution with their suite of services.

Platform partners can expect the 170+ channel package offering to include 50,000+ hours of content, with a refresh rate of 10 per cent to 20 per cent on a monthly basis. The ability to package content efficiently for platform partners was the driving force for the FAST Channels TV team to create a more streamlined channel package offering with distribution services included.

“Platform partners like us look to FAST Channels TV to help schedule and help maintain our channels, while keeping up with the technology for streaming. We look forward to launching more channels via FAST Channels TV,” said Feiyang Ding, Business Development Manager from TCL Channel.

“HeroGo TV is rapidly expanding our USA based OTT TV offering, bringing on more content to our platform at a higher refresh rate to keep the viewer engaged. Our users can also expect more channels with our FAST Channels TV partnership, with many more to come,” said Navroz Prasla, President of Herogo TV.

“These distribution deals are helping our partners increase reach across known platforms and emerging OTT platforms with the goal to increase viewership everywhere, in every market,” said Russell Foy, CEO of FAST Channels TV.

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of FAST Channels TV as a fully developed system for channel playout, lineups and distribution services.  Some notable platform partners include: TCL, Local Now, HeroGoTV, Freebie TV, rad., MetaX and Mometu with more to come.

A sample of the line-up of the channels for an immediate launch available here: FAST Channels TV Lineup Package.

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