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605 to deliver advanced audiences with Xandr

March 23, 2022

605, a global player in television and cross-platform measurement, analytics and attribution, has announced the availability of Advanced Audiences delivered through 605 EXCHAN6E. Advanced Audiences – the first road-mapped deliverable from 605’s new media trading currency – will be available to customers using Xandr’s sell-side and buy-side advanced TV platforms, Monetize TV and Invest TV, to transact on data-driven linear campaigns.

As the industry shifts away from traditional guarantees based on age and gender demographic ratings, Advanced Audiences will allow advertisers to define television audiences with greater precision using first- or third-party data, so sellers can generate optimized proposals across networks, dayparts, and selling titles that are more likely to deliver against an advertiser’s target audience and business KPIs.

“We announced 605 EXCHAN6E in December 2021 with the intention of bringing features to the market throughout 2022. The launch of Advanced Audiences is a testament to our efforts and marks the first of many industry-leading measurement solutions we have in store,” said 605 Founder and CEO Kristin Dolan. “We are delighted to be working with Xandr to give brands the ability to dynamically create granular audiences and execute buys against these customer segments through 605 EXCHAN6E.”

Advanced Audiences will initially be available for linear television and will be highly customizable, leveraging 605’s existing partnerships with data partners across key advertiser categories, including PlaceIQ, Catalina and Polk. 605 EXCHAN6E will facilitate the creation of Advanced Audiences, measuring the outcome, performance and optimization of campaigns using attribution from a common 605 data spine. Moving forward, these campaigns will serve as building blocks for cross platform media executions to drive full funnel performance.

“We are excited to bring 605 EXCHAN6E data to our TV platforms and play a role in advancing audience-based TV advertising,” said Jason Burke, VP of Business Development at Xandr. “The ability to define and connect with the right audience is critical to the advertisers, agencies and programmers looking to maximize investment outcomes for data-driven linear campaigns.”

605 EXCHAN6E is an independent media trading currency designed to underpin advertising transactions between partners on the buy-side and the sell-side. 605 EXCHAN6E will be delivered to a wide variety of partners through 605 PLATF0RM, a mature, highly scaled and high-speed audience measurement tool that ingests billions of relevant audience and advertising metrics daily across thousands of networks and affiliates.

605 has launched an Open Partner Program to support 605 EXCHAN6E, allowing market-leading programmers, agencies and advertisers to closely collaborate with 605 to create an independent ecosystem with a stable, accurate, consistent and always-on medium of exchange for the trading of advertising.

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