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7th Minute previews 7M Discovery platform

March 30, 2022

Broadcast data company 7th Minute is inviting brands, agencies and broadcasters to trial the free preview of its TV insights platform 7M Discovery to experience first-hand the benefits that TV data insights offer their business.
TV content, whether ads or programme material, strongly influences consumer behaviour; it can be directly linked to increases in online searches for a brand or product type for example, as well as prompt a purchase.  Understanding these touchpoints allows brands and marketers to make more effective strategy decisions, while providing broadcasters with data to accurately assess and value their inventory offerings.
The new 7M Discovery is an evolving rich insights platform that uses content recognition technology to identify and analyse every word spoken on TV.  The result is an extensive TV content database that users can search for any mention of relevant terms – such as brands, products and competitors; with knowledge of exactly when and where these terms occurred they can analyse what TV material influences activity away from the broadcast screen. 7M Discovery is the only tool that provides details of TV mentions in an easy-to-read, visual format.
It is launched as research by ThinkBox shows that individuals spent 3 hours and 37 minutes per day on average consuming content on a TV screen in 2021 – which accounted for 71% of total daily video content consumption; linear TV represented 75% of total viewing time in the UK, compared to 25% for OTT, or on-demand during 2021, according to Comscore. 
The 7M Discovery preview is free to use and does not require registration. Early adopters can search for a wide variety of brands, and compare two at a time, to see when and where they appeared on TV over the past 30 days.  Results are presented in a simple graph format.  The demonstration tool has been designed to illustrate the granularity of the broadcaster data that is available across TV broadcasters, and shows the power of the insights it offers.
7M Discovery is scheduled to launch in full during the second quarter of 2022, with new benefits including the ability to:
  • Understand the TV mentions that drives consumer engagement for a brand, split out by programme and advert
  • Plan effective marketing strategies, such as media spend, across all relevant channels using fact-based insights from broadcast data
  • View the TV landscape for a specific market sector to understand what works for a brand
  • Undertake competitor analysis to learn about their advertising strategies
  • Monitor TV content trends over time and prepare in advance to tap into relevant future events
The platform is designed to enhance brand data with broadcast insights, and  features will include:
  • Reports showing recent mentions in programmes and adverts, and how often they occurred
  • Customised alerts identifying mentions of brands, products and topics of interest
  • The ability to set up multiple dashboards  to monitor and analyse different brands and topics
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for large scale and accurate content analysis
Agencies adopting 7M Discovery will be able to provide their clients with services based on these insights, differentiating themselves from their competitors in an age where the use of a small number of large technology platforms makes this challenging.
Broadcasters will be able to package their data from multiple sources (linear TV, advanced TV and digital audio) to generate granular insights to inform their planning and strategies, as well as determine their monetisation models.
Based on 7M’s TV Insights platform launched in 2021, 7M Discovery has evolved to bring on board additional TV data and adopt increasingly sophisticated technology to enable more granular and valuable insights.  The objective is to make these insights widely available throughout organisations and  put businesses in control of their TV-related data.
“TV contextual data and insights are a missing part of the media planning puzzle.  They give brands the extra knowledge they need to develop intelligent strategies, enabling them to make advertising relevant and effective, while broadcasters get to learn more about the wealth of data over which they preside,” says Ed French, managing director at 7th Minute. “7M Discovery continues our mission to be the best at extracting meaning from TV content, understanding and packaging it so that it provides accurate insight for everyone that can benefit.”

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