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Data: 118 commercials aired during 2022 Grammys

April 5, 2022

The 2022 Grammys Awards show is over. But how many commercials aired during this year’s event? Who were the top categories that advertised this year?

MediaRadar analysed the commercials that aired during Hulu Live’s streaming of CBS’ The 64th Annual Grammy Awards and found that, overall, there were 118 commercials that aired during the 2022 Grammys broadcast on Hulu’s live streaming in the US.

Key findings include:

  • Top categories for commercials during the 2022 Grammys music awards included: Media & Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Retail and Tech. This year, pharmaceutical and retail replaced the automotive and beauty categories in the top five.
  • Automotive and food categories were just below tech at almost 8 per cent each. Dodge RAM, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota were the automotive manufacturers showcasing their vehicles. Viewers saw commercials for Cheerios, Goldfish and Jimmy Dean in the food category.
  • Brands like Ashley Furniture, Best Buy, Gap, Macy’s and Walmart appeared to showcase their retail products. Target didn’t return this year, despite advertising during the 2021 music awards show.
  • In 2022, the top 5 categories accounted for 55 oer cent of the commercials that aired. Last year, these categories were 44 per cent of the aired commercials. 
  • Media & Entertainment saw brands CNN+, Disney+, FX (Hulu), HBO Max, and Peacock+ advertise their streaming services. Films and shows such as Wicked, Bad Guys and Sonic 2 advertised.
  • There were 14 different pharmaceutical brands that bought ads during the Grammys. Of those 14 brands, three also advertised in 2021: Zyrtec, Kisqali and OPDIVO + YERVOY.

MediaRadar also looked at companies and brands that advertised at the past Grammys and found:

  • 2021 saw a 26 per cent YoY increase in the number of companies advertising brands during CBS’ broadcast of The Grammys. Brands were up by 36 per cent YoY. Last year’s number of advertisers hovered around the pre-pandemic music award show’s numbers.
  • 19 per cent of the 58 companies that advertised in 2021 aired commercials every year since 2018. Some top spenders included: Comcast, Ford, Mastercard (who is also the GRAMMYs’ Official Finance Services Partner), McDonald’s, and Progressive. For brands, there were only two (3 per cent) that showcased each year since 2018 – McDonald’s and TurboTax. 
  • During the Grammy Awards in 2021, 28 companies (48 per cent) hadn’t advertised in the previous four years. Of the brands, 82 per cent weren’t seen during that time frame at The Grammys either. Few names include: Bristol Myers Squibb’s lung cancer medication, OPDIVO + YERVOY, Ford’s Lincoln Nautilus, the Apple AiPods Pro and Johnnie Walker, among others.



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