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Telesat approved for US government contracts

April 5, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Canada-based Telesat has gained formal clearance to deal with US government customers – essentially the US military.

Telesat Government Solutions (TGS) is the actual business which has been seeking US work under the businesses new boss Tom Eaton. But the move is a major step in winning contracts for Telesat’s upcoming Lightspeed low Earth orbiting constellation.

“The direct interaction with the US government customers is key for us in making sure that, as we roll out the network, that it’s designed with the important features that the US government customers are going to want,” said Eaton.

TGS started the application process for clearance back in August 2020. The Lightspeed constellation is looking to start working in space in 2026, but this is an indication as to how important longer-term military contracts are in place.

TGS has now received approval and clearance from the Defense Counter-intelligence and Security Agency. It means that TGS can now start pitching competitively for business opportunities.

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