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Xandr launches Inventory Library on its Invest DSP

April 5, 2022

Xandr has announced the launch of Inventory Library on its Invest DSP. Inventory Library offers an innovative deal discovery and activation workflow with intuitive, visual navigation and unmatched searchability. When using Inventory Library on Invest DSP, buyers have access to premium, curated deals from hundreds of publishers across multiple sell-side platforms (SSPs), organized in catalogs. Buyers will initially be able to access Xandr’s Premium Video Catalog, offering 1200+ searchable, always-on video and CTV deals across premium publishers in the US, with plans to include additional catalogs supporting more geographies, formats and supply sources.

“The premium video ecosystem is fragmented, with most CTV inventory transacted through deals and many platforms developing proprietary deal marketplaces. As such, it is hard for buyers to discover and access relevant inventory in one place to enable their campaigns to scale. This is especially true for CTV and premium video supply”, said Eric Hoffert, SVP, Video Technology, Xandr. “With a sell-side platform, direct relationships with publishers and many SSPs, and the leading deal curation platform, Xandr is uniquely positioned to offer buyers a seamless deal buying experience. Inventory Library is deal buying the way it should be, as it offers a highly intuitive and visual design with greater visibility into deal inventory than ever before, taking ease of use to an entirely new level.”

Kevin Jones, VP of Media Buying, Digital Remedy, states: “We have found deal discovery very efficient and usable while remaining highly interactive utilizing Xandr’s Inventory Library. We find the additional search options a huge bonus, for example finding specialty deals such as the Olympics, March Madness, and others. As Xandr expands its execution of our deal packages, we love the flexibility of adding them to either a Line Item or a Deals list; it creates a very positive experience for all of our planning, activation, and optimization teams.”

“This is a quantum leap for Xandr’s deal discovery and execution tools, creating another intuitive experience on Invest DSP that saves us time. With the political advertising season upon us, it not only helps us plan our CTV campaigns more efficiently, but it is also an amazing tool to show clients that helps them visualize the inventory available to them,” adds Ian Killgore, Senior Director, Advertising Technology, Yosemite Consulting.

“Media Place Partners has relied exclusively upon Xandr Invest for all of our OTT video requirements because of the effort by the Xandr team to curate private marketplace deals with an expanding array of content choice paired with reliable levels of scale. Now with the added benefit of the Inventory Library being an “in-motion” workflow dashboard inside the Invest DSP platform, we can be even more versatile when considering newly published inventory sources, content types or devices. That puts us in a more confident posture with our clients leading to greater benefits for them via our collaboration with Xandr,” said Mike Struyk, COO, Media Place Partners.

Designed for media planners, supply managers, and traders, Inventory Library powers the broader industry shift from open exchange to deals based buying, providing brand safe, high-quality inventory at scale from Xandr Monetize and leading supply partners.

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