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Italy introduces new TV ratings system

April 12, 2022

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Italy has upgraded its viewer figures ratings system to encompass all platforms and devices.

Alongside the 45 million TV sets in Italian homes, the ‘Total Audience’ system now includes the estimated 75 million connected screens, the head of the Auditel ratings measurement company, Andrea Imperiali, told a parliamentary hearing.

‘Total Audience’ combines the existing system of random sampling of TV audiences with a blanket detection of figures tuning in on each connected single device. A ‘Unique Code for Video Ads’ has been introduced to gauge the range and impact of each individual advertisement and commercial. Thanks to the use of innovative tools, unidentified audience members – previously not counted – will now be tallied up too.

Initially, the average audience will be available on a daily basis, while the data scan will cover a quarter of an hour. Subsequently, the system will be capable of measuring individual TV programmes and provide audience data per minute.

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