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Australia: Yahoo partners with Samba TV

April 13, 2022

Yahoo has announced a partnership in Australia with Samba TV, the global omniscreen advertising and analytics company. The new deal provides advertisers with a holistic cross-screen view, connecting traditional offline television audiences with the online world.

Samba TV’s first-party Smart TV data is now integrated into the Yahoo DSP to help advertisers maximise their advertising dollars effectively and efficiently. The new data offers advertisers in-flight insights into linear audiences engaging across all digital channels to inform optimisations and ROI.

“Our partnership with Samba TV bridges the gap between offline linear and online audiences. Brands and agencies can now plan, activate, and measure total TV budgets in a far more seamless and effective manner than ever before,” said Yahoo’s Senior Director of Platforms APAC, John McNerney. “Marketers can now truly understand who has and hasn’t seen an ad, resolving the long-standing problem of repeat ads and wasted ad spend. They can also sequence messaging from TV formats to mobile and PC for further discovery and conversion. Yahoo’s DSP has seen exponential growth over the past two years and, with the Samba TV integration, agencies and brands will be empowered with new insights from first-party data and accurate measurement solutions for advanced television – one of the fastest growing digital channels.”

Yasmin Sanders, Managing Director at Samba TV Australia, added: “As the only Smart TV ACR data provider in Australia that can integrate and surface household-level TV data into marketing platforms’ omniscreen advertising and measurement insights, we’re excited to be a part of this initiative for Australian advertisers. The opportunity here for marketers is clear – true incremental reach and frequency optimisation across every screen in the consumer journey.”

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