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Swank Motion Pictures, DVS partnership

April 13, 2022

Swank Motion Pictures and Digital Video Systems have entered into a strategic partnership that will bring satellite entertainment channels directly to cruise ships at sea via DVS’ maritime entertainment platform, CRUISESAT. The partnership will enable cruise lines to provide the latest and greatest entertainment from major studios seamlessly and directly to their onboard customers. Previously, that was accomplished through a process of sending secure physical hard drives to the ships.

Swank spreads the magic of movies and TV shows beyond homes and theaters through licensing and distributing content to cruise ships and other maritime vessels around the world. In addition to providing screenings of films onboard, Swank provides the ability to have video-on-demand content directly on in-cabin TVs and personal devices for both guests and crew.

DVS is a maritime systems integration and content provider currently working with the world’s largest cruise lines. CRUISESAT is DVS’ proprietary maritime entertainment and technology platform. CRUISESAT was conceived and developed to acquire and introduce popular high-definition news, entertainment, sports and cultural content to the global maritime market using a single antenna system for all video content including linear television channels and nonlinear video content, multicultural programming, audio content and branded networks for the cruise industry.

Swank and DVS will be providing cruise lines a series of licensed premium content channels in addition to the DVS core offering of channels worldwide.

“We are excited to introduce this premium content offering in a new way that will enrich the guest experience onboard,” said Bill Evjen, vice president and CIO of Swank Motion Pictures. “We have jointly developed with DVS a means to very simply provide a ship with a premium content offering that wasn’t possible before.”

“We are thrilled that we have been able to combine the expertise and technology of our two longstanding companies to deliver new and innovative products to the cruise and maritime industry which continue to enhance the onboard entertainment value of our customers’ guests and crew,” said Chuck Sackermann, president of DVS.

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