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INVIDI Technologies integrating Decentrix forecasting data

April 19, 2022

Global addressable advertising solutions company INVIDI Technologies has announced it will integrate campaign forecasting and scheduling optimisation from omnichannel adtech company Decentrix into both its new groundbreaking Conexus and INVIDI Edge platforms.Unveiled in February, Conexus allows programmers to easily execute national addressable campaigns at an unprecedented scope across multiple distributors. Distribution partners include DISH Network, DIRECTV, and others. INVIDI Edge is a unified premium video platform for distributors and programmers that delivers campaigns to any device. Both platforms are available both domestically and internationally.Decentrix’s integration will facilitate addressable advertising solutions that maximize the value of addressable inventory through more efficient utilization and allow programmers to leverage the INVIDI distribution footprint to expand into linear addressable advertising.Both INVIDI and Decentrix will provide the required operator support for both the technology deployment and business process workflows to achieve maximum revenue outcomes. Users of both Conexus and INVIDI Edge will see a small Decentrix logo on their dashboards.

“Our goal for Conexus is to provide a framework for best in class applications to made available to networks to use as they start their journey into providing national addressable inventory,” says INVIDI CEO and Global CTO Bruce Anderson. “Decentrix brings best of bread inventory management and audience projection technologies to the Conexus platform.”“As advertising platforms continue to proliferate and addressable advertising scales, global media enterprises will need our integrated solution combining the Decentrix forecasting and schedule optimization engine with INVIDI’s Conexus and Edge delivery platforms,” said Wayne Ruting, CEO and Founder of Decentrix. “Our partnership will finally enable pay-TV operators to seamlessly deliver a consolidated addressable workflow solution that will help drive revenue growth for many years.”

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