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4iG to start strategic transformation

April 20, 2022

4iG Group, with a portfolio in both the Hungarian and international telecommunications markets, will start the strategic transformation of its telecommunications companies to better exploit the opportunities for cooperation and synergies in the areas of business operations within the Group through the future integration of the companies. The strategic objective of the 4iG Board is to consolidate the B2B and B2C service segments of the Group, which combines a wide range of industry competences, and to create a group with a unified organisational and management structure, able to operate under a single brand name and with the efficiency and effectiveness to match its market position in Hungary and internationally.

With the merger of 4iG’s telecommunications portfolio and Antenna Hungária, the transformation process has been completed, as a result of which 4iG Plc has been transformed from an IT systems integrator into an international info-communications group providing a wide range of telecommunications and IT services. The Group, which combines a wide range of industry competencies, is expected to deliver sustained success and results in the market by the shareholders. In the new phase of the integration of the telecoms group, the newly recruited executives, who have a proven track record and significant industry experience, will be responsible for aligning business processes, leveraging operational synergies to improve performance, and defining a common development strategy.

In the management of the telecoms group, the positions of Chairman and CEO will be separated, with Gellért Jászai, Chairman and CEO of 4iG, becoming Chairman of the Board of Antenna Hungária, while István Király will be Chief Operating Officer. 4iG Board expects him to develop the global strategy and business processes of the telecommunications group and to ensure the efficient operation of the telecommunications group. István Király is one of the most experienced managers in the Hungarian

telecom market with profound industry expertise, having held senior management positions at Pannon GSM, Magyar Telekom and T-Systems, and Vodafone in Hungary over the past three decades. He holds an MBA in Management from Oxford Brookes University. He has gained unique industry knowledge and integration experience throughout his career. He has played a key role in the management and subsequent integration of four large-scale mergers in the Hungarian ICT market. He will take over the management of Antenna Hungária Zrt. as CEO as of 1 July and will become interim Managing Director of the DIGI Group as of 19 April.

Zsolt Sárecz, who has played a significant role in the restructuring and development of Antenna Hungária since 2018, will step down from the company, and will continue to support the development of the telecommunications group as Presidential Advisor of 4iG Plc. During the transitional period until 1 July, Aladin Linczényi, a member of the Board of Directors of 4iG Plc will take over the management of Antenna Hungária, supported by Gyöngyvér Papp-Gerlei, returning from DIGI Group as Deputy CEO.

DIGI is undergoing a complete organisational and management overhaul. The new management’s primary task will be to define DIGI’s service strategy and portfolio, as well as its financial and investment plans, while managing the rebranding of the company is also a top priority.

István Dévényi has been appointed to the position of Chief Technology Officer of DIGI as of 1 May. He has more than 30 years of management experience, having worked for companies of the Magyar Telekom Group. He has managed complex fixed line network development and headed investor and B2B service organisations. He has been in charge of implementing several major technologies (IPTV, xDSL, GPON). As a successful operations manager, he was responsible for integrating the operations of fixed, mobile and cable TV businesses and for consolidating the IT infrastructure of merging companies. He has direct experience in virtualised network functions and outsourced operations.

DIGI’s new Director of Finance and Procurement, Sándor Gurbán, has previously established his career in international consulting firms (Ernst&Young, BDO, Sofidel, EY). He holds a degree in Accounting from Corvinus University of Budapest, is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Guernsey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants. His knowledge of international accounting, transaction support and listing, his extensive knowledge of CAPEX plans and his management experience provide him with a high level of financial expertise to support the Group.

Judit Éberling will be the Director of Sales and Marketing at DIGI Hungary. She has 25 years of marketing and sales experience as well as more than 20 years of management experience in the Hungarian ICT market at leading companies (Alcatel, Invitel, Telenor, Magyar Telekom, Vodafone). During her career she has worked in retail and business segments. She has extensive practical leadership and professional knowledge in enterprise offline and online marketing, CRM/CLM, marketing automation, strategy development, business planning, managing sales teams and supporting organisations. She has been involved in several large IT and M&A integrations.

Kristóf Baltay, DIGI’s new HR and Logistics Director, has decades of international experience in the automotive, finance and energy sectors, in addition to telecommunications. He has worked in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as a senior executive at Avaya, General Electric, Erste AG, Lear Corp, Develor and ChatBoss. He has significant experience in greenfield projects, both in decision making and implementation of corporate mergers. He also has outstanding expertise and experience in talent management, change management and workforce restructuring.

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