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Report: Significant audience drop for US broadcast news

April 21, 2022

Despite changing viewing habits, national television remains a dominating medium for entertainment and news-gathering purposes in the US. National TV still has the broadest reach with live broadcasts like Super Bowl LVI drawing nearly 72 million unique US households.

This is according to Comscore’s latest TV Trends report, which uses Comscore TV National Measurement to look at 2021 TV consumption and analyse audience viewership data for key US broadcast networks.

Additional findings include:

  • Broadcast news networks saw a significant drop in viewership in 2021 in the age of news burnout (FOX -25.46 per cent, CBS -10.6 per cent, ABC -10.56 per cent)
  • Sports TV viewership on broadcast channels reached new heights in 2021, returning to pre-pandemic levels (NBC +29.89 per cent, CBS +12.72 per cent, FOX +10.98 per cent)

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