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Bologna joins Brightline

April 25, 2022

Michael Bologna has joined data-powered CTV ad experience firm BrightLine in the new position of Chief Accelerator, it was announced today by co-founders Jacqueline Corbelli and Rob Aksman.

Embedded with major media clients such as Disney, NBCU, Discovery Networks, Fox, and Seven West Media in Australia, BrightLine delivers connected TV ad experiences for 72 of the top 100 US advertisers.

As Chief Accelerator, my job is to maximise the impact BrightLine has on networks, agencies, and the entire OTT ecosystem,” says Bologna. “In an industry driven by data, technology, and creative experience, my role is to be the connective tissue between the various stakeholders with our forthcoming next generation suite, OTT Accelerator, as a linchpin.”

Bologna joins BrightLine from media measurement firm HyphaMetrics, where he was Chief Revenue Officer and before that, a long tenure at WPP/GroupM’s MODI Media and emerging media divisions as well as the independent one2one Media (later part of Cadent). He will report to CEO Jacqueline Corbelli.

“I came to BrightLine because it is at the nexus of three converging trends,” Bologna added. “One, networks desire to evolve and add to their OTT product suite. Two, advertisers and agencies are demanding more from the streaming marketplace. And three, viewers have migrated to connected devices, and in the process, have become accustomed to richer, engaging TV experiences, including the ads they see.

“As a TV-first company, we tackled the CTV ecosystem early, and that’s why we have this colossal footprint in place now,” said co-CEO Ron Aksman. “The world has entered our wheelhouse at just the right time. There is only one way you can run interactive, personalised shoppable ads across every one of the major streamers, and that’s through BrightLine’s technology.”

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