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StreamShark adds news features to enterprise video platform

April 26, 2022

StreamShark, an enterprise video platform, has announced several new features that will help the smartest enterprises scale their communication. The features give audiovisual and unified communications teams more options to deliver high-quality video with greater security and address the changing needs of enterprises.

“StreamShark has always been the platform the world’s best enterprises have turned to for their live streams, but video needs are evolving,” said James Broberg, CEO, StreamShark. “So we’re continuing to evolve our platform to deliver the most secure and reliable viewer experience.”

The new StreamShark features include:

Viewer Management, which allows customers to create groups for whitelisting viewers by domain or email address and requires viewers to authenticate to unlock the player and watch a live stream. This creates an additional layer of security and generates vital usage data for AV and unified communication teams to better understand how people consume their videos.

Live Scheduler, which enables customers to schedule and broadcast a playlist of StreamShark Video on Demand (VoD) content as Live — either at defined, scheduled times (to premiere content) or on a 24/7 loop. This allows companies to maintain the sense of urgency of live events, but with the flexibility to create them as their own schedules permit.

Customizable player templates, which help customers deliver a more personalized and tailored viewing experience. Enterprise customers on plans with Single Sign-on (SSO) Management and protection can also enable a Watermarking Overlay. Watermarks help protect against unauthorized sharing of confidential content by displaying the SSO ID of the viewer over the top of your video creating an additional deterrent for bad actors.

Caption Support, which uses AI and machine learning to generate closed captions and transcriptions in multiple languages. Accessibility is hugely important for enterprises, and Streamshark is enhancing their caption capabilities to support that need.

In addition, StreamShark announced two new integrations to improve the quality and distribution of videos.

The platform now supports using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) to ingest streams. SRT is an open-source protocol that delivers high-quality, low-latency, reliable live video over the public internet.

StreakShark also supports a Slack integration so AV teams can know immediately when their video and on-demand content is ready to be distributed. No more extra log-ins to check on the status of your assets.

In a TrustRadius review, Stewart Gilmour, Broadcast Operations Manager at Shopify commented, “StreamShark is our Live stream destination and VoD content management solution. StreamShark has top-quality security and is a team that listens to their clients needs.”

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