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Recast unveils Recast Publish tech

April 28, 2022

Subscription-free live and on-demand video streaming platform Recast has unveiled new technology that it says will make it easier for rights holders across the global sports and entertainment landscape to control and monetise their content.

Recast Publish aims to put more control over Channels in the hands of rights holders – allowing them additional freedom over how their content is streamed, shared, and converted into revenue. The customer facing fan site, has also undergone development with the addition of three new currencies – Euro, Dollars, Australian Dollars – as Recast evolves to work with rights holders and fans in more than 88 countries including US, Italy and UAE, reflecting a growth in the platform’s global presence. Fans can now purchase in-platform currency, Cast Credits in multiple global currencies using Recast’s microtransaction model which prices payment from just 1p a minute. The new proprietary technology featured in Recast Publish also enables rights holders to create and manage content across multiple channels with multiple admins, as well as providing direct access to their data and statistics including video performance, earnings and Fan engagement.

Andy Meikle, Recast Founder and CEO, said: “Recast has experienced massive growth over our first year. The launch of Recast Publish marks an exciting and significant milestone, it’s a product development we are very proud of as we strive to provide our Publishers with the best platform possible. It provides the flexibility and freedom our Publishers want while also delivering an enhanced, affordable offering for the most important people – their fans. It doesn’t stop here of course, the Recast team will continue to innovate and scale up to further cement our position within this exciting sector.”

“The way consumers access content has changed. The recent news of Netflix’s loss of more than 200,000 subscribers is a clear demonstration of the subscription fatigue that’s driving that change. The subscription model isn’t sustainable. Viewers want flexible, affordable options that allow them to watch what they want, when they want it, without commitment. That’s why we started Recast – to provide a solution to a problem that is becoming more apparent, and Netflix’s Q1 results are just the tip of the iceberg,” added Meikle.

Recast launched into the market in 2021 in July last year and currently in beta, the company secured £5.9million investment from known names in sport, business and venture capital.

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