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Sorrell: “Starlink is ace up Musk’s sleeve”

May 2, 2022

British millionaire Sir Martin Sorrell, executive chairman of ad-agency S4 Capital and the former head of WPP, says that broadband satellite venture Starlink is the real “ace up Elon Musk’s sleeve” – not Twitter or Tesla.

“The real jewel in Musk’s crown is Starlink. It takes data directly from Tesla’s cars which in reality are chips on wheels,” Sorrell said in an opinion piece for The Times. “[The data] enables Tesla to constantly refine its vehicles in a way that traditional carmakers simply cannot,” he added.

Sorrell praised Musk’s time management skills “which seem awesome”. He adds that owning Twitter is a lot more useful than a mega-yacht and shows that owning your own social media platform could become the next thing for the world’s super-rich entrepreneurs, “just like analogue media assets used to be”.

Last week Musk’s SpaceX successfully launched its latest Starlink batch of 53 craft (dubbed flight 4-16). The flight was the 17th Falcon 9 rocket launch this year.

Current news is that the next Starlink batch (4-17) will launch on May 5th from Kennedy Space Center. Three days later another Starlink batch (4-13) will launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Observers expect a third launch Falcon 9 for Starlink around May 16 (4-15). There is also a strong prospect of a fourth flight (4-18) at the end of the month but this has yet to be confirmed.

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