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VIZIO Ads unveils VIZIO Analytics

May 3, 2022

VIZIO Ads has announced VIZIO Analytics, an expanded suite of proprietary solutions and platform integrations with buyer support that it says helps advertisers plan, target, measure, and optimise multi-platform campaigns to engage with consumers in more relevant ways.

VIZIO Analytics offers custom analytics services and innovative technologies to help brands work backwards from their desired outcomes. This allows brands to develop tailored approaches to reaching bespoke audiences based on affinities, geographies, or demographics.

“We’ve built a custom analytics platform that gives brands the ability to leverage our massive TV footprint and data infrastructure for cross-platform campaigns,” said Travis Hockersmith, VP of VIZIO’s Platform + Business. “This makes it easier to connect their customer management and measurement services of choice with our analytics support to achieve their goals. The result provides consumers with more relevant ads and gives clients outcome-based accountability with their investment decisions.”

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