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Movistar launches miMovistar

May 4, 2022

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Telefónica’s pay-TV platform, Movistar, has revamped its offer and launched miMovistar, a new brand name that has replaced Movistar Fusión, offering more personalised options, TV channels and services.

Subscribers will be able to personalise their offer. Initially, they can subscribe to a basic package consisting of fibre and mobile telephony. Other services can be added thereafter in a flexible way such as pay-TV, football, smartphones, video games, alarm and even health insurance.

There are three basic packages, including broadband and mobile telephony:

  • Movistar Más, with up to 300 Mbps and mobile with 30 data gigabytes for €54.9 a month.
  • Movistar Ilimitado: 1 Gbps plus mobile line with no data limit for €69.9 a month.
  • Movistar Ilimitado 2: 1G Gbps plus 2 mobile lines with no data limit for €84.9 a month.

All packages include a free of charge mobile phone and more mobile lines may be added from €7.90 a month.

Subsequently, the pay-TV offer can be taken separately rather than Fusión. The basic TV offer Movistar + Esencial costs €10 a month and €25 including Netflix.

Football can be subscribed to in one package – Todo el fútbol – including La Liga and UEFA Champions League (UCL) for €43 a month. Football can also be taken separately, €30 a month for La Liga and €20 for UCL. In both cases, subscribers must be subscribed to Movistar + Esencial.

There is a third option that allows customers to acquire in instalments mobile phones, TV devices, tablets, consoles or smart watches. Finally, customers may complete their packages with other added-value services such as house alarms, telemedicine services or video games for different prices.

With the move, Movistar aims to boost subscriptions in a very tough market, full of low-cost offers and make its offer more flexible.

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