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Plume, Sagemcom support Deutsche Glasfaser router launch

May 5, 2022

By Colin Mann

German fibre service provider Deutsche Glasfaser is collaborating with personalised smart services specialist Plume to introduce what is claimed to be the country’s first fully cloud-optimised WiFi 6E fibre router.

The product solution combines Plume’s Consumer Experience Management Platform and HomePass Smart Home Services suite, which is already available to Deutsche Glasfaser’s subscribers, leverages the OpenSync open-source framework, and Sagemcom’s WiFi 6E Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) hardware.

The combination provides Deutsche Glasfaser with a highly-scalable platform driven by the cloud and Artificial Intelligence that is needed to optimise and mitigate the complexity of the new WiFi 6E specifications, and deliver exceptional experiences to broadband subscribers. Starting in July 2022, Deutsche Glasfaser customers will be able to order the DG WLAN Plus router that includes access to the Plume HomePass app.

Key subscriber benefits are claimed to be:

  • More stable, simultaneous use of many connected devices with optimal reception in every room – even at a great distance from the router and during times of heavy network use.
  • By leveraging Plume’s Adaptive WiFi service powered by AI, the DG WLAN Plus router prevents home network congestion and provides constant fast fibre speed and capacity for a large number of users and connected devices at the same time.
  • Especially in combination with the DG WLAN Plus amplifier, it ensures a fully-optimised and seamless WLAN network throughout the entire house. In doing so, the WLAN Plus Amplifier works intelligently with the DG WLAN Plus Router by always automatically routing the strongest signal to the connected devices.
  • In addition to unparalleled Wi-Fi connectivity, Plume’s HomePass Smart Home Services suite includes a host of services to deliver a secure and personalised WiFi experience in the home, all delivered through the highest rated Plume App – including real-time cybersecurity protection for all connected devices on the network, guest access and controls, and child-friendly content filters.

“While other providers are only just introducing Wi-Fi 6 technology, we’re going the extra mile for our customers and are already using next-generation Wi-Fi 6E technology,” suggests Ruben Queimano, CCO of Deutsche Glasfaser. “With its extended frequency range, our DG WLAN Plus Router offers a significantly faster Wi-Fi communication between the router, repeater and connected device. By leveraging the cloud and AI, the system intelligently optimises the flow of data to all devices, allocating the right frequencies for an optimal user experience. This ensures reliable, rapid fibre-optic speeds for a large number of connected devices simultaneously.”

“The addition of a third band greatly complicates topology selection, channel assignments, and client steering. In addition, the 6 GHz band benefits from inherently cloud-based services such as Automatic Frequency Coordination,” eplains Bill McFarland, CTO, Plume. “Sophisticated management is required for WiFi 6E’s capabilities to be a benefit, not a burden. Those service providers who embrace the need for cloud- and AI-based management will reap the benefits as the dynamic transition to 6 GHz accelerates.”


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