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Report: EU broadband, UK ranks 15th

May 5, 2022

In Fair Internet Report’s latest analysis of internet speeds across the UK and the EU, the company found that while the UK still holds a lead over the EU as a whole when it comes to internet speeds, that lead is rapidly disappearing.

In fact, the UK’s lead has decreased from 42 per cent to just 23 per cent in the past three years, signaling that the EU could pull ahead soon if the trend remains consistent.

A total of 14 countries (listed below) in Europe now have faster median download speeds than the UK. As we continue to adjust to the digital age, how well the UK’s infrastructure is capable of keeping up with ever-increasing demand will have a significant effect on the country’s economic future, notes Fair Internet Report.

Some further findings in the report: 

  • The UK continued to outperform the EU as a whole in 2021, with the former seeing countrywide median download speeds of 47 Mbps and the latter sitting at 38 Mbps.

  • 14 individual countries recorded faster median speeds than the UK in 2021: Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Belgium, Norway, Romania, Luxembourg and Spain.

  • Denmark was the fastest nation by median in all of Europe in 2021 at 147.4 Mbps (216 per cent of the UK median). Belarus was the slowest at 7.7 Mbps (-83 per cent of the UK).

  • More than 30 per cent of all European nations recorded a median download speed decrease from 2020 to 2021, including the top five countries by speed.

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