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Samsung Ads Consent Management Platform EU rollout

May 10, 2022

Samsung Ads, the advertising division of Samsung Electronics, has announced the rollout of the OneTrust Consent Management Platform (CMP) across its Samsung TV plus service in the EU. The platform aims to give consumers more control over how their data is used and gives advertisers more confidence that consumers’ rights are being protected.

With OneTrust’s CMP on Samsung TV plus, advertisers can more easily obtain consent, store consent and preferences, and then honour those preferences — all while supporting compliance with GDPR, CCPA, IAB TCF 2.0, and more. Samsung says that users will experience enhanced personalisation and are empowered with the ability to control their consent in sharing their data, as well as preferences for when, how, and about what advertisers can engage with them.

“At Samsung, consumer privacy is at the forefront of our services and products, and we are working tirelessly to protect consumer privacy”, said Alex Hole, Vice President and General Manager of Samsung Electronics Europe. “For our advertising partners, this framework provides the necessary confidence in placing their ads within the Samsung TV Plus environment.”

“Protecting privacy and honouring users’ preferences is one of the best ways that brands can build trust with their audiences today,” adds Blake Brannon, Chief Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “We are proud Samsung chose OneTrust to reinforce their privacy-first approach to customer experience and support advertisers in promoting trust and transparency across all interactions. From our smart home connected devices, phones on the go, and everywhere in between, it’s critical that trust remains a constant in our increasingly connected digital future.”

The CMP has begun its rollout on Samsung TV Plus across eligible Samsung Smart TVs and Mobiles across the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden.

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