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CTV-focused attribution solution from TVDataNow

May 26, 2022

Connected TV (CTV) and OTT advertising measurement platform TVDataNow has unveiled a CTV-focused attribution solution which it says provides the most comprehensive attribution for marketers, publishers, and adtech companies looking to leverage the CTV channel.

The company says that with the solution, data-driven marketers will now be able to use complete performance insights for CTV to optimise channel marketing like never before, something no other CTV measurement provider can offer. In addition, performance marketers can measure and optimise their CTV campaigns on a CPA or ROAS basis, just as with their digital campaigns.

According to TVDataNow, to date, measurement solutions for CTV have been add-ons from either digital identity providers or linear measurement providers and require the integration of third party data sets to build a panel or identity graph. The TVDataNow solution is based only on the campaign data captured for each advertiser on the platform.

Led by TVDataNow Chief Technical Officer Paul Bergeron, the TVDataNow attribution solution was built by using AI/ML algorithms that capture performance from CTV marketing to conversion. As a result, marketers can understand the ROI on their ad dollars in CTV fully. TVDataNow says that because the solution is built for CTV specifically, better and more accurate performance measurements are possible. It does not require the integration of any third party data.

TVDataNow says that marketers can finally obtain performance insights from their ad spend on the CTV channel while breaking new technological ground as it provides a much-needed solution for a fast-growing market.2B.

“Nielsen and other solutions are not adapting to the new media landscape and will continue to lose their influence,” asserted John Hamilton, CEO and Co-Founder of TVDataNow. “They have not helped solve attribution in CTV, and it does not look like they will. We created the TVDataNow attribution solution to make sure CTV gets full credit and attribution for the performance it delivers across the marketing funnel from brand awareness to purchase and everything in between. CTV campaigns will receive the full credit for the outcomes it delivers.”

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