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Satcube entering race to serve new LEO constellations

June 1, 2022

Satcube, a Swedish technology company that develops satellite terminals to provide satellite broadband, will now serve the biggest space constellations in the race to connect the world. The company is tapping its current success providing The UN, The Red Cross (ICRC), ITV, CBS News and more, reporting on the ground in Ukraine and helping to save lives by providing critical portable communications.

In the leap from GEO to LEO satellite connectivity led by Starlink and Amazon, $47 billion was invested in 2021 to launch thousands of new LEO satellites. However, ground segment  innovation experienced a meager $0.5 billion in comparison fort the same period.

“While there is enormous investment in satellite and space, there is very little investment in ground infrastructure and equipment, such as portable and mobility user terminals and viable e-commerce solutions, to satisfy the rapidly evolving LEO-market,” says Jakob Kallmer, Founder and CEO at Satcube.

Citing a current lack of cost effective, easy to use compact terminal solutions in the LEO market as well as few terminal developments and limited scale in the GEO satellite market, Satcube’s  aims to close the gap in the LEO satellite market by creating high quality, cost-efficient portable, mobility and enterprise terminals, designed, developed, and produced in Sweden.

“ Reaching the full potential of LEO satellites and broadened global connectivity will not be attainable before millions of user terminals on the ground are in operations, continues Kallmer. A  supplier that can design reliable terminals at a far better price point than today will see a market for several million devices”

Ground segment innovator Satcube on success trajectory segment innovator Satcube
Displaying 100% revenue growth from Q1 2021 to Q1-2022, during the global pandemic, little known Swedish innovation house Satcube – led by founder and CEO Jakob Kallmer – has been working actively behind the scenes to bring critical connectivity to world-renowned organisations.

Amongst others, Kallmer’s team has around ten active projects in Ukraine alone, including media houses CBS News, ABC News, ITV News, Norwegian Television NRK and Danish TV channel TV2, plus International Red Cross Geneva, UNHCR and the US and European Governments.

 Success factors for filling the LEO terminal gap
To compete with the world’s best terminal developers and fill the ground segment gap, Satcube’s focus is a ”Terminals as a service” offering with intuitive user interfaces that anyone can operate. Built in software to manage and operate terminals, integrated with  5G and cloud services to become a seamless part of LEO connectivity are key, according to Satcube. Automated, local production in Sweden will ensure realizing a cost-efficient and secure supply chain. In addition, employing  innovative antenna design that enables the world’s most compact in size, weight, and energy efficient terminals, for lowest total cost of ownership. Satcube’s Nordic design will be keystone for authentic identity.

The Swedish innovator currently employs a world class research and development team with proven academic and professional track  record and ninety collective years of satellite engineering experience. Satcube is actively collaboration with research and development teams from leading universities in Sweden and Europe, and development project and collaborations sponsored by European Space Agency and Vinnova.

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