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Analysis: Netflix Euro content tops 30%

June 7, 2022

Netflix is now at or above 30 per cent European content in nearly all of its major European markets, according to research from Ampere Analysis. The notable exception is the UK and Ireland, where 27 per cent of titles are European. France is also slightly under, as are minor markets Belgium and Switzerland. With European 30 per cent quota regulations for streamers already being introduced in a number of markets, Netflix is now just a ‘rounding error’ away from meeting requirements across its entire European footprint.

The shift to hit quota is recent. In December 2021, 16 of the 27 markets analysed were under 30 per cent European. Even in the UK, Netflix will hit 30 per cent European with the addition of just 408 European titles (or the removal of 953 non-European). Even fewer would be required for France, Belgium and Switzerland to reach 30 per cent.

Netflix is not alone in ramping up the proportion of its content that is European. While Netflix is ahead of its global streaming rivals in programming European content, Amazon also exceeds the 30 per cent quota in Germany, Switzerland and Italy and is on a par with Netflix in the UK with 27 per cent of catalogue titles being of European origin. Other Amazon markets range from 16 per cent to 28 per cent European.

HBO Max also has a large proportion of European titles in its local catalogues, with the majority of its European footprint already exceeding 25 per cent European. Disney still has some way to go, hovering around the 10 per cent European mark. But like other studio and global streamers, Disney has recently been ramping up its European local original production activities.

The change can be viewed from two sides of the fence in terms of success. It either reflects the benefits of regulatory pressure in boosting the acquisition and production of European film and TV by US-based players operating in the region, or it shows how global players are increasingly competing directly with local and regional players with content that was hitherto largely the stronghold of single-market local broadcasters.

“Quietly, while no one was watching, Netflix has boosted the proportion of its catalogue titles that are European to the point where meeting new quota regulations should have no negative impact on its regional business,” advises Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis. “The milestone is a reflection of heavy investment in content outside the US which is rapidly being mirrored by other global streaming players. Perhaps more surprising than Netflix’s 30 per cent milestone is the fact that some of the newer major studio players are already rapidly approaching a similar proportion of European content in their local catalogues.’’


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