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Intigral selects Bitmovin and Diagnal

June 14, 2022

Bitmovin, a provider of video streaming infrastructure, has partnered with Diagnal to help Intigral deliver high-quality video streams to Jawwy TV and Dawri Plus subscribers in the MENA region. Intigral is using the Bitmovin Player, which is integrated with Diagnal’s front-end app development technology to ensure device support for video streaming and optimize viewing experiences for audiences.

Since deploying Bitmovin Player through its preferred app development partner Diagnal, Intigral has observed an impressive decrease in video start-up time and error rates. It has also had the added benefit of covering the largest number of devices on the market through one player solution, enabling it to lower costs, increase its audience reach and deliver superior video quality to viewers. Additionally, transitioning to the Bitmovin Player decreased Intigral’s time to market and enabled it to launch its services up to 30% faster, especially on smart TVs.

“As more and more new devices continue to enter the market, it’s essential we can deliver high-quality streams regardless of the device our customers are using,” said William Sharp, VP of Technology at Intigral. “The Bitmovin Player was our first choice because it is market-leading, has a robust feature set, existing integrations with other major vendors in the streaming space and supports the most devices with the documentation to get us launched faster. Bitmovin is a true technology partner with their ongoing advice and technical support, ensuring we’re delivering the best possible streaming experiences to our customers.”

The Bitmovin Player supports device compatibility across Web, Android, iOS, Roku and major smart TVs, so users can have the same immersive viewing experience irrespective of the device they are using at any given time. Based on an API approach, Bitmovin’s Player also offers several features that can be selected and adjusted to workflow needs.

“Quality of experience is a key differentiator for streaming services wanting to attract and retain customers, and feature-rich video players are fundamental to providing audiences with the best online experience,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO at Bitmovin. “It’s been fantastic to collaborate with Diagnal and Intigral and play an instrumental role in raising the standard of video streaming for audiences across the MENA region.”

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