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InnovidXP cross-platform TV measurement solution

June 15, 2022

Advertising delivery, personalisation and measurement specialist Innovid has launched its TV measurement platform for converged TV – InnovidXP – which it says demonstrates the company’s  commitment to measurement innovation with the first unified cross-platform solution directly integrated with ad serving data and creative personalisation.

Driven by over one billion TV impressions processed daily and delivered to more than 95 million households, InnovidXP is a cross-platform, tag-free measurement solution, powered by currency-grade impression data tied to an ad serving footprint representing 88 per cent of US CTV homes, and integrated with creative personalisation technology.

“Cross-platform TV measurement powered by ad serving technology seamlessly creates the most complete picture of the TV ecosystem, addressing a big gap for advertisers in the converged TV marketplace,” said Celeste Castle, EVP Head of Research and Measurement, Dentsu. “It’s about finding the right data, creatives, investments and video mixes to effectively and efficiently reach audiences that are dispersing across platforms, channels and screens. Empowering our clients with transparent, consistent and reliable measurement insights across linear and CTV plays a vital role in the growth of the total video marketplace.”

Brands can use InnovidXP to measure and manage linear and CTV advertising – counting, attributing and analysing reach and outcomes at scale, across every platform, including walled gardens. InnovidXP gives advertisers a converged TV solution that extends beyond currency, encompassing the full breadth of cross-platform analytics, including a broad set of KPIs that provide the flexibility and actionable insights to measure and evaluate both media and creative performance.

Designed to meet the current and future needs of advertisers in a converged TV environment, InnovidXP includes:

  • A unified view of converged TV campaigns, providing consistent audience measurement, reach extension and performance outcomes
  • Automated, secure, tag-free process for onboarding brands at scale
  • Cross-platform analytics to inform audience intelligence, creative and outcomes optimisations
  • Expansion of household- and person-level data, including coverage across all 210 DMAs
  • Local, national, and global coverage in a single platform

“Advertisers have long called for an independent measurement solution that can provide a unified, consistent, cross-platform view of advertising, alongside meaningful, actionable metrics. InnovidXP has answered that call,” said Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared by Innovid.

InnovidXP offers the flexibility to measure a diverse set of KPIs, supporting reach and performance objectives across all advertising categories, including CPG, automotive, retail, travel, insurance, DTC and more. Granular, always-on metrics range from audience reach and frequency to creative performance, and lower-funnel metrics tied to both online and offline activities. InnovidXP is available today for local, national and global brands.


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