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LiveRamp ad solution for Eurosport

June 16, 2022

Warner Bros Discovery’s International Advertising-Sales and Marketing Solutions division has partnered with LiveRamp to launch a new privacy-first solution to bring clients targeted addressable marketing at scale across Eurosport’s online platforms.

Developed using LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), the technology offers brand partners of Eurosport the ability to use cookie-less identifiers to engage more efficiently with audiences with addressable reach, and a one-to-one targeting capability to achieve greater ROI. Using LiveRamp’s privacy-first, pseudonymous identifier, RampID, Eurosport clients can match Eurosport’s first-party authenticated audience with its own customer data, enhancing how potential customers can be identified, engaged and converted over time.

The solution will begin with Eurosport brand partners on and local platforms in France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain, and is already being live trialled in the UK. By using a cookieless approach, the solution does not rely on 3rd party data but a direct authenticated audience match for those who have opted-in to Eurosport’s online services.

Luke Whalley, Senior Director, International Digital Ad Sales, Sports & Entertainment, said: “The scale of Warner Bros Discovery and the breadth of our portfolio offers our partners a unique opportunity to engage with anyone and everyone. When you combine this with our ability to be incredibly targeted in who you can reach when accessing our premium audiences through our channels and platforms, it is clear how we can help drive significant ROI from our client’s campaigns. As one of the most visited free-to-access sports destinations in Europe and ahead of a huge summer of sport, it is hugely exciting to extend this targeting capability to Eurosport’s online destinations. The fact we can offer clients a fully addressable and targeted solution, while also continuing to help enhance privacy for our audiences, is particularly satisfying.”

Travis Clinger, SVP, Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp, said: “We believe in a new ecosystem that puts individuals in control of their data, that brings publishers and marketers closer to individuals and each other; Discovery Eurosport’s deployment of ATS is the latest step towards this ecosystem. With so much change sweeping through the market, we’re seeing adoption of ATS rise for a number of reasons, but most importantly among them, ATS offers publishers and brands better results, today.”

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