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Canada goes for streamer quotas

June 22, 2022

Canadian lawmakers have passed new piece legislation that would compel streaming services operating in the country to offer more local content. Bill C-11 cleared the House of Commons and will become law once the Senate adopts it. The bill will update the Broadcasting Act to bring streaming platforms within its regulation.

While the primary focus is on global streamers, all streaming platforms will be compelled to promote Canadian artists by law. Critics have argued the bill would erroneously also see apply to amateur videos and user-generated content on YouTube. The government says “the bill explicitly excludes all user-generated content in social media platforms and streaming services.”

Quota laws for streamers have been introduced in several European countries: in Portugal streamers must pay 1 per cent of their income to the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisuals, and in France and Italy where streamers must invest in European content. Spain is considering similar laws.

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