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SeaChange platform selected by Armstrong and BEAM

June 27, 2022

SeaChange International, a provider of video delivery, advertising, streaming platforms and emerging FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV services) development, will deploy its latest Advanced Advertising Platform for two partners in North America, enabling new and incremental video ad revenues both for Linear TV and streaming services.

The SeaChange Advanced Advertising Platform is a unified platform for ad insertion into both broadcast and IP feeds, designed to maximise video advertising revenues on cable TV and streaming services. In addition to its core features, which include a built-in programmatic sales technology for broadcast as well as advanced targeting mechanisms for OTT, the platform’s updated version introduces a service to generate and monetize FAST channels. The platform also has the ability to target advertisements based on contextual information from the video content, driven by image recognition, further enhancing the value of the offering.

Armstrong and BEAM represent the range of customers, from MSO (Multiple System Operator) to Content Streamer, launching new advertising initiatives with the SeaChange Advanced Advertising Platform. Post software development and setup, these companies are set to launch in the fiscal third quarter of this year.

At Armstrong, the SeaChange platform ensures revenue parity across advertising inserts on broadcast and IP, increasing the inventory value even further through targeted advertising when subscribers fully transition to streaming. “SeaChange is well positioned to execute Armstrong’s ad insertion evolution from Linear Broadcast to IP Linear Streaming and beyond,” said Mike Giobbi, CTO, Armstrong. “SeaChange works across all our vendor relationships to protect our existing ad revenue streams, while also expanding new revenue opportunities with targeted advertising.”

For BEAM, the unified SeaChange platform provides ad insertion for broadcast feeds at scale, with a well-defined path forward to IP streaming. Jason Rang, CTO, BEAM, comments that “SeaChange’s vision for the direction of the industry matches our own. We’ve worked closely with the SeaChange team to implement an industry-leading Linear Broadcast Ad Insertion system and are confident this system will enable us to meet both our strategic and technical Ad Insertion goals as we shift our focus to streaming going forward.”

“Video consumption has reached new heights among consumers, as evidenced by streaming services surpassing linear TV in popularity over the last year,” said Robert Rozycki, VP of Product and Marketing, SeaChange International. “Our Advanced Advertising Platform, which represents a culmination of more than 25 years of experience in providing the market with ad insertion technology, helps operators, broadcasters, content owners, and publishers maximise the value of their video advertising business from both their linear TV and streaming operations.”

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