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Turkish Superhero Universe from T World Entertainment starts production for TRT Digital

July 5, 2022

Turkish production company, T World Entertainment has announced the upcoming start of production of the first Turkish Superhero World, the T World Cinematic Universe. Production is set to begin at the end of July, with Bobby Roth (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Lost, Criminal Minds) acting as the Supervisor Director of the project. The launch will be one of the first projects for the TRT Digital VoD platform.

The main superhero is called Altay, which is also the working title of the series. The live action series will feature superheroes inspired by a variety of cultures and will consist of 4 seasons and 26 episodes. All seasons will be available on the TRT Digital platform in January 2023.

Set in the present day, the T World Cinematic Universe takes inspiration from eastern civilisation and its golden age of science. The series will see over 35 mortal superheroes use the latest technology and ancient wisdom to overcome universal challenges such as environmental problems, wars and pandemics, as well as villains from their universe. The first series will introduce 6 superheroes and 4 villains.

Producers Bülent Turgut, Raif İnan and Erdal Bozkuş will create and expand the T World Cinematic Universe into a range of series, films, games and comics that will rival the other, hugely popular superhero franchises. The concept and superheroes were designed by Bülent Turgut, who also wrote the story alongside Halid S. Şimşek. Onur Can Çaylı (Game of Thrones) worked on the character development. Kerem Çakıroğlu, Murat Şenöy and Hamit Coşkun  will direct the series, and Dusan Hyska (Spider-Man, Titanic) will direct and design the live action sequences of the series.

Bülent Turgut, T World Entertainment said: “We look forward to inviting audiences into the T World Cinematic Universe for the first time and introducing them to new superheroes that we’ve been designing for several years. The history of eastern civilisation is full of captivating stories and this universe is inspired by the deep and rich past of our culture. The series will have a cast of compelling characters and plotlines which viewers from around the world will love. As we head into production, we are looking forward to bringing this new Turkish Superhero World to life.”

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