Advanced Television partners with Serialify

July 11, 2022, the blockchain-based solution for film, television, and NFT creators, has announced its partnership with Serialify, an interactive and immersive stories app, marked by a deal to distribute director, producer, and storyteller Evette Vargas’ Confessions series.’s decentralised filmmaking ecosystem paves a smoother path to obtaining financing and licensing deals. Serialify’s interactive stories live on the platform as the project gains fan-validation, funding options, and further licensing and distribution opportunities. co-creator, Lauren Magura, commened: “We are living in a very exciting time, where blockchain technology is providing all kinds of unique opportunities to democratise the film industry. At, our mission is to not let any great idea die for lack of fair opportunity, and to provide a voice for all filmmakers, no matter their experience, status or connections. We do this by providing an end-to-end Web3 platform that streamlines the creative journey and provides them with these new tools to succeed, including cutting edge unique forms of distribution such as Serialify.”

Confessions supernatural thriller franchise that explores the multi-layered facets of sin and atonement. The Confessions franchise is being adapted and expanded on the Serialify app as an interactive story where fans can engage and make choices of where the story leads. Serialify is developing six interactive episodes, some of which have augmented reality capabilities. Each story tells a different tale and stands alone. The first chapter will be dropped in tandem with the premiere of the Confessions short film, with an ecosystem that includes a feature film, TV series, and NFT collection.

“ gave us the opportunity to be matched with Evette Vargas, a very talented, under-represented creator,” said Sergio Álvarez Tejeda, CEO and co-founder of Serialify. “From the beginning, we saw the enormous potential Confessions could have with audiences in building a fan-validated universe. This is only the beginning as we enthusiastically continue to work on cutting-edge technology entertainment experiences with more creators and fan-backed projects scouted on the platform.”.

“ was instrumental in matching us to Sergio Álvarez Tejeda, CEO and co-founder of Serialify,” said Evette Vargas, creator of Confessions. “Sergio’s insight into the immediate possibilities of the Confessions intellectual property quickly led to an official deal to distribute the Confessions interactive series globally. We are proud that we’ve been able to provide the content in both English and Spanish to reflect our diverse audience, universal theme, and the appeal of the franchise.”

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