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FreeCast launching app-free streaming platform

July 11, 2022

FreeCast has revealed that is it working on a content provider side app-free streaming platform. The company said it aims to create an aggregation point for content from multiple providers, in a manner similar to Roku or Apple TV, but without the need for new hardware or depending on an app-based model. The platform will be able to accommodate free, subscription, and pay-per-view content in both linear and on-demand formats.

Led by former MegaChannels CEO William Mobley, FreeCast has been studying the wants of streaming media consumers, as well as the headwinds facing incumbent and newly-launched streaming services. By eliminating the need for ‘app-diving’, and providing more thorough data on customer streaming behaviour, Mobley believes FreeCast can reduce the high customer acquisition costs and rapid churn that currently plague streaming TV providers.

Mobley commented: “The same problems that keep consumers from embracing streaming are what keep streaming providers from making money: it’s just too complicated and cumbersome. What we’re building is a platform that addresses that head-on, for both viewers and content providers alike. Our goal is to eliminate all the friction that comes from juggling various apps, accounts, subscriptions, and devices. We’re going to bring that all into a single user-side app, and we’re doing it in a way that enhances rather than cannibalises the revenue going to the providers. It has tested very well with a few popular integrated content providers in our platform currently and we have since begun OS discussions with Smart TV manufacturers.”

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