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WaterBear Network adding SLAY doc

July 12, 2022

New feature-length documentary, SLAY, will launch exclusively on WaterBear Network on September 8th, during Fashion Month. Directed and produced by filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli and produced by Keegan Kuhn, SLAY reveals 2.5 billion animals are killed every year in the fashion industry. The feature will expose unethical and environmentally damaging practices as WaterBear Network continues to tell stories from the front line of activism and conservation.

Available to stream in 194 countries, SLAY showcases investigative footage captured over the course of three years by Cappelli. The film joins WaterBear Network’s portfolio of environmental and nature-based documentaries that champion solutions to animal and human rights, climate change, and restoration.

Bringing together a host of experts and campaigners, including TV personality and influencer Lucy Watson, Founding Director of Collective Fashion Justice Emma Håkansson, CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress Samata Pattinson, Fashion Journalist and Sustainability Activist Bandana Tewari, and vegan educator and author Ed Winters aka Earthling Ed.

Cappelli said: “The fashion industry is not addressing animal suffering in their supply chain. We have an urgent moral obligation to respond to the suffering of hundreds of millions of individuals in the fashion industry, as animal rights and sustainability are intimately linked. We want SLAY to open people’s eyes to the dark underbelly of some of the most common and sought after skins in fashion.”

Ellen Windemuth, CEO and Founder of WaterBear Network, added: “WaterBear Network provides a global hub for converting storytelling into action. Our platform and streaming service helps activists, brands, consumers, and NGOs to deliver on their sustainability initiatives. It’s vital to have powerful documentaries like SLAY on our platform to engage consumers and drive change in the fashion industry.”

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