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Data: Stranger Things boosts D&D searches by 600%

July 13, 2022

Analysis of Google search data from reveals that online searches around how to play Dungeons and Dragons have exploded globally since the release of Season 4 of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix on May 27th.

Searches for specific terms such as ‘How to play Dungeons and Dragons’ have soared by 600 per cent since May, while there’s also been a 250 per cent increase in searches for ‘Dungeons and Dragons Starter Sets’ in the last 30 days, indicating the growing number of people keen to play.


A spokesperson from said: “It’s always fascinating to see how popular TV shows can influence our lives and this is a prime example. The data shows there’s clearly a new trend being ignited here and it’s possible that Dungeons and Dragons could become a more mainstream game in the coming months. Not only is this game a great opportunity to be creative and use your imagination, it can also bring friends and families together and help to build relationships.”

As Stranger Things fans are keen to unpick the story line, Google searches for ‘Kas Dungeons and Dragons’ have also increased by 950 per cent in the last 30 days, as well as ‘Boris dnd’ which has increased by 600 per cent.

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